RU-tv WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community

Perry Hall-Cook Campus
If you are interested in weather and science communication, and/or video production, this is the community for you! This program offers you the opportunity to live and work with a group of students to produce daily weather forecasts and longer science journalism shows for the university’s television network. You will even have use of an in-hall professional television studio!

Programs in the past have included the following:

  • Produce content for RU-tv
  • Gain experience in front of a green screen from day one
  • Learn how to write, produce, and edit television packages
  • Access to unique and relevant field trip opportunities 
  • Learn how to use a state-of-the-art broadcast meteorology visualization package
  • Hear guest lectures from professional broadcast meteorologists
  • Hone your public speaking skills
  • Study social media's impact on weather forecasting
  • Discuss meteorology's influence on culture and vice versa
  • Develop a better understanding of meteorology on an international scale.
  • Opportunities for participation in social events e.g. Taco nights, March movie madness
  • Optional programs such as community service projects e.g. Military Mail and Krafts for Kids
  • Stress relief activities such as strategies to cope with stress and free massages

Open to first-year and incoming transfer students affiliated with SAS, SEBS, RBS and MGSA

Participation Requirements
Students are required to participate in a 1.5 credit course, focusing on media messages and scientific aspects of weather reporting, for both fall and spring semesters during their first year of residence on the floor. Participants will also be co-enrolled in the 3 credit Elements of Meteorology course.


  • Elements of Meterology (3 credits)
  • Weather Climate TV I (1.5 credits)


  • Weather Climate TV II (1.5 credits)    

Application Process
There is a two-part application process for this community:

  1. Register the RU-tv WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community as your first choice on the online housing application on the Enrollment Pathway.
  2. You must also complete the online application and interview.

To answer general questions about this community, please contact:

Tasha Tharrington at ttharrington@ur.rutgers.edu
For more information about the Rutgers Meteorology Program, visit their website, or contact:

Prof. Alan Robock, Department of Environmental Sciences
E-mail: robock@envsci.rutgers.eduPhone: 848-932-5751






What Students Are Saying

The most beneficial aspect of being in the LLC is the opportunity to make direct connections with professionals in the field of meteorology and take on your own responsibilities for the forecasts.

– Kevin Gaynor