Oceanography Learning Community

Non-Residential Learning Community
The Oceanography Learning Community is for students who are interested in being a scientific explorer of the world’s Ocean. Rutgers is home to one of the most advanced ocean exploration networks on Earth. Its operations center is located in the Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab on Cook Campus. The RU COOL room links scientists and students on campus to underwater robots, satellites and radar networks that are collecting oceanographic data both locally on the Raritan Estuary and off the New Jersey Shore and globally from the Arctic, through the Islands of the Tropics, and south to the Antarctic. Become a member of the COOL room and join the faculty and student team that flew an underwater robot (RU27) across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in history. Enrolling in this learning community provides you exclusive opportunities to become introduced to the modern methods of robotic ocean exploration and be part of an active research team that builds and operates a global ocean observatory.  Visit the RU COOL room: http://rucool.marine.rutgers.edu/

It is open to all majors, natural and social sciences, math, engineering, economics, history, all forms of communication, humanities, etc.

Open to incomimg first-year and transfer students affiliated with SAS, SEBS, RBS, and MGSA

Participation Requirements

  • You will be meeting weekly with Dr. Oscar Schofield, Dr. Scott Glenn and Dr. Josh Kohut to plan and guide scientific exploration and analyze oceanographic data.  You will be enrolled in a 1.5 credit Topics in Marine Science in the fall that will introduce you to the technologies that make up ocean observing systems and the opportunity to apply these technologies in small research groups led by upper-class students.  Specific course topics will depend on ongoing research activities in the lab and will range from local studies of the Raritan Estuary to global studies of climate change in Antarctica.


  • Optional course to continue (1.5 credits)

Application Process

When you arrive to campus for your academic planning and advising days, please make sure to indicate on your registration form that you would like to enroll in the Oceanography Learning Community.

For general questions about this community, please contact:

Dr. Oscar Schofield
Email: oscar@marine.rutgers.edu


Dr. Scott Glenn
E-mail: glenn@marine.rutgers.edu


What Students Are Saying

Through this class I was able to understand more of what research I could do and what I can be doing in the future.

– Booker George