German Language & Culture Living-Learning Community

Wessels Hall, Bishop Quad Residence Halls, College Avenue Campus

Students in this community are part of a vibrant, fun, and engaging residential environment that exposes students to German, Austrian, and Swiss culture. By joining this learning community you become connected with other students who share this similar interest in German language and culture! The learning community introduces students to contemporary German culture through numerous events and activities.

Students will live in Wessels Hall on College Avenue Campus, adjacent to downtown New Brunswick with theaters, restaurants, student-friendly shopping, and the NJ Transit train station for easy access to NYC and Philadelphia.  The community will be  in the heart of the College Avenue Campus in the scenic Bishop Quads area.


Open to all class years and all majors.

INCOMING FIRST-YEARS: If you are admitted to the community, we will notify the academic offices of your acceptance and you will be enrolled in the 1.5 credit Contemporary German Media and Society course, or a different course if your placement scores do not qualify you for Contemporary German Media and Society. You will receive your course schedule in August.

INCOMING TRANSFERS: If you are admitted to the community, you will need to register for the 1.5 German Media and Society Course on your own, or another German course if you do not have the proficiency for Contemporary German Media and Society.

CURRENT RU STUDENTS ONLY:   Students will need to have taken at least one German course prior to applying to the living-learning community.  Students will be required to enroll in a 3 credit course offered by the German Department for both fall and spring semesters

Early Move-In and Special Orientation

Students enrolled in the program will get the added advantage/benefit of being able to move in early and participate in a special orientation program on September 1, 2017.  This will provide first-years the chance to explore the Rutgers campus, get familiar with the bus system, and find their classes in advance, and upper-class students the chance to return early and settle in accordingly.

Participation Requirements

Students will participate in the following:

  • Community sponsored events and activities
  • Enrollment in a German Department course for each semester living in the community

Programs & Activities

German Movie Nights and conversation tables will be held. Students will be able to participate in cultural activities on campus as well as attend field trips to theaters, operas, museums, concerts, and other cultural events to such locations as NYC or Princeton.

Application Process
First-years and incoming transfers:
  1. Register German Language and Culture Living-Learning Community as your first choice on the online housing application on the Enrollment Pathway.
  2. Complete a living-learning community application (APPLICATION FOR INCOMING FIRST YEARS AND TRANSFERS IS CURRENTLY CLOSED)
  3. Living-Learning Communities staff will contact you via email to schedule a follow-up phone conversation
Current Students:

Complete an application here by January 2, 2018, 11:59pm

For more information contact:

Ariel Leget
Assistant Director, Living-Learning Communities and Academic Initiatives
E-mail: rulc@echo.rutgers.edu
Phone:  848-932-4371

Nicholas Rennie
E-mail: nicholas.rennie@rutgers.edu



What Students Are Saying

This community is a low-pressure environment that allows students to navigate through their introductory level classes with the help of an older student, whose guidance could help troubleshoot common conversational problems and help students become more comfortable with spoken German.

– John Zadroga, Peer Mentor