Douglass Residential College

The Women's Residential College of Rutgers-New Brunswick

Douglass is a distinct community that focuses on women's academic, personal, social and professional development. Leadership programs that encourage learning through action, unique advising resources and your involvement in the Douglass community are important features of the Douglass experience.

Since its founding as the New Jersey College for Women in 1918, Douglass has been at the forefront of education for women and continues to support women's development in all arenas, including research, education, business, public policy, communication and community service.

Douglass women get the best of both worlds at Rutgers University. Women students may pursue any course of study offered by a Rutgers-New Brunswick undergraduate school and still belong to a small close-knit college community that feels like home. By joining this well-connected community you may benefit from one-on-one advising from a Douglass Advisor and enroll in a women's leadership training course offered exclusively to Douglass Women at Rutgers.

For more information on the Douglass Residential College, click here http://douglass.rutgers.edu .