We are excited about your interest in a Rutgers Learning Community.

Learning Communities create purposeful links among the academic, residential, and social elements of the undergraduate experience.  Through a variety of approaches that link or cluster classes, students’ time, credit and learning experiences are restructured to build community and to foster more explicit connections among students, faculty and staff.  We have a wide array of offerings ranging from first-year only to mixed year communities and we also offer residential and non-residential programs.

Overall goals of our learning community programs is the following:

• Build partnerships among faculty, students, staff, to increase interaction, involvement, and learning inside and outside the classroom.

• Encourage active engagement in all aspects of learning (class participation, study groups, field trips, experimentation, workshops)

• Connect the curricular and co-curricular experiences of students to create a more seamless experience

• Smooth the transition to college by fostering smaller communities of learners who share experiences, advice, and problem solving.

• Introduce students to the resources of their university (museums, libraries, computing centers, learning resource centers, research centers and institutes)

• Enrich the intellectual climate of the university.

• Create opportunities for individual students to make more meaningful connections to members of the Rutgers community

Have a look at all the offerings and see what interests you.    If you are not sure which community to join, send us an e-mail at rulc@echo.rutgers.edu and we can assist you