Make the most of your Rutgers experience and join a learning community!

A learning community is a self-selected group of students who share similar academic interests and explore them together in common courses and out of classroom activities. Students in learning communities report making friends quickly and connecting with faculty, staff and other students more easily.  There are a multitude of learning community offerings for our new students and our current students.   Explore the different offerings and choose one that best fits your interests!

Advantages of Learning Community Participation:

  • Enroll in common course(s); ranging from one to three shared courses. You'll see friendly faces in your classes.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to study and learn together outside of the classroom.
  • Discipline-specific learning community courses count towards major credit requirements for that discipline.
  • Depending on the LC you choose, each community provides a faculty member, an upperclass peer instructor, or a residential peer mentor who will help guide you through the exploration of what Rutgers has to offer.

We invite you to become a part of the wonderful world of Rutgers Learning Communities!