Wellness Learning Community

Non-Residential Learning Community


Health and wellness go beyond the absence of disease - they incorporate several dimensions including the physical, emotional, academic, environmental, spiritual, social, and occupational aspects of life. Health and wellness can then be seen as positive characteristics that can and should be woven into personal behaviors and the community at large. A Wellness Learning Community need not be the sole property of those anticipating a career in medicine. Instead, this community would be the perfect place for anyone who has personal or future professional interest in all aspects of health and wellness.

This learning community is a unique academic and experiential opportunity that brings wellness into students’ lives and the community. Over the academic year, students will have opportunities to perform unique research, train in peer education and community advocacy, meet alumni, network, engage in small-group learning with University faculty and administration, go on field trips, and much more!


Benefits include:

Special events with wellness professionals, field trips, community service opportunities,advocacy training, networking and specialized projects



All current Rutgers students, regardless of major may apply.  Students must be in good academic standing with the University with a G.P.A of 2.5 or better


Participation Requirements:

  1. Attend Learning Community Topics 1.5 credits course in Fall 2011 offered on Wednesdays 2:30pm-3:50pm
  2. Design and implement a group wellness project

     in Fall 2011 

Click here to download the FAQs.

Application Process:

You must complete an online application.  Visit http://rhshope.rutgers.edu/academic-opportunities/wellness-learning-community

For more information contact Brenda Malchuk at bmalchuk@echo.rutgers.edu or call 732-932-1965